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I'm Katy, a Kent-based working mama of three, who is passionate about sharing and supporting women through motherhood.

I'm a writer, content creator and professional Marketing Consultant with fifteen years experience.I mainly work from home, helping other small businesses up their social and content game whilst juggling my babies ( who are 6, 3, & 10 months!). I adore writing and wanted a place for all my blogs, poems and general observations on motherhood to sit in one place...

In case you've arrived here in search of leggings, Mint Rainbow was previously a handmade clothing shop but I'm no longer making clothes since the blogging and marketing side of things have taken over. I still adore handmade organic clothing though...check out my blog on recommendations for other UK handmade clothing companies.

Hope you enjoy having a read!

Katy x


Breastfeeding for the last time?

| Mama Life, Poetry | No Comments
Daddy puts you to bed I'm in the next room My body is screaming Wait it's too soon The milk leaks, The tears flow, Hard but right I know For…

I want to ride my bicycle…

| Mama Life, Parent Hacks | No Comments
We've all seen the clips on social media - delighted, smiling kids riding their bikes for the first time over the meadow whilst their cheering parents look on with a…

The Mint Rainbow Edit – Christmas Gifts from Folkestone’s Old High Street

| Inspiration, Mama Life, Parent Hacks | No Comments
BE COOL, SHOP LOCAL... In the midst of Lockdown 2, the clever folk of Folkestone's High Old Street have launched a brand new website to allow shoppers to browse the…

PYO Pumpkins (I’m a convert!)

| Inspiration, Mama Life, Parent Hacks | No Comments
I'll admit I was incredibly dubious about pumpkin picking. Every other year I have looked at the pictures flooding Instagram in October, genuinely confused as to why people would bother…

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