A poem for our wedding anniversary 2020

10 Years of Us

You dream, you philosophise,
I do, I rationalise

You’re meticulous, I’m slap dash
I spend and you save cash

You build, I create
You sand, I paint

You’re the good one, the joiner one, the ‘says-yes -to-charity’ one,
I’m the ‘look-at-our-calendar-it-just-cant-be-done’ one

You’re patient and kind, but rarely right
You follow me round switching off lights

My emotions run high, I shout and I cry
You don’t fight back, as hard as I try

I’m spontaneous and you’re rock steady
I rush everything, you start when you’re ready

You love your own space, I hate being alone
I have a tub and you have a cone

You are awful at gift buying
Mate you’re not even trying,
You know what you did,
I’ve given up lying.

I worry and you’re chill, I’m a bitch when you’re ill
Everywhere we go, you make me climb hills

I’m early, you’re late, and I hate to wait
When my line is curved, yours is dead straight

You’re a hypercondriac, I have anxiety,
A lifetime of opposites, debate and variety.
We never agree, except when it counts
When it matters, there’s never a shadow of doubt.

As a parent you’ve really come into your own,
Right by my side as our family’s grown
You’re the fun one, the daring one, the one who climbs trees
I’m the one who gives cuddles and bandages knees

Somehow it works.
Husband and wife.
Our teenage dream.
Our family life.

Because none of this matters when you’re on the same side
When you’re part of something, Love overrides.

Ten years married
Twenty together
It’s you, it’s me
Its us, forever