Notes on breastfeeding

The last time?

Daddy puts you to bed
I’m in the next room
My body is screaming
Wait it’s too soon

The milk leaks,
The tears flow,
Hard but right
I know

For a year its been me
The only one for you
My body, my presence
My sacrifice too

Will we have a last time?
Or has that now past?
Have we come to the end?
It’s all gone too fast

As you take your sweet time
To settle right
My arms ache for you tonight

Doubting myself
I hover and pace
Anxiously waiting
Hating the space

But suddenly silence
You’re peaceful alone
More independent
An extra bit grown

Heartbroken, relieved
Proud of what we achieved
Baby I’m still yours
Your every need

Last baby
Last time
The privilege
All mine