However much I wish I was, I am not the poster girl for body positivity. I look at this and I see thighs and a tummy and 2 stone of baby weight left to go. I’m doing post partum PT and I am trying (but often failing) to eat well in order to “get back” to my old level of fitness. I know we’re all supposed to be all woohoo-look-at-my- post-partum-body- it-made-3-amazing- humans-and-its-epic (which it ­čĺ» is) but I also think it’s OK to be honest about struggling with body positivity, even when I would absolutely never judge another body by my own standards.

BUT even when I fail to see past my own perceived imperfections, what I AM is the get-out-there-in-your-swimsuit-none-the-less Mum, the I-excercise-to-stay-strong Mum, the never-mention-weight-to-the-kids mum, the walk-around-in-your-pants Mum, the throw-yourself-down-the-waterslide Mum and the You’re-perfect-in-every-way Mum.

I look closer at the photo and I see pure happiness overshadowing any lumps or bumbs. Me, in a swimsuit, at home, content with two of my three incredible creations, basking in the sunshine. It reminds me that I need to practise what I preach. That life’s too short to not eat the ice cream, to not get in the paddling pool, to spend precious moments worrying about wobbly thighs. Children see past any of that stuff, it doesn’t even cross their minds – they don’t bat an eyelid if I’m 10 stone or 15 stone, it literally means nothing to them. What a wonderful perspective to grow up with, and I’ll do everything I can to keep it this way for them as long as possible.

With that always in mind, I am trying to be kinder to myself and afford myself the same body positivity that I teach my children and that I always encourage in others. Instagram is such an incredible source of #bodypositive┬áinspiration… Who do you follow that inspires a bit of good old┬á#selflove?

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