Making magical childhood moments...

We’ve all seen the clips on social media – delighted, smiling kids riding their bikes for the first time over the meadow whilst their cheering parents look on with a glistening tear of pride and joy…

Oh no wait hold on, the kid’s beaming because he’s hyped up on haribo bribes, and his mum and dad are weeping in sheer relief.

No one tells you about this in the parenting manuals do they?!

No one tells you you’re going to get so invested in your child achieving this milestone that you will spend more time and energy on it than their actual education. No one mentioned the times you’ve carried the bike (and the buggy, and the toddler) home when an attempt has ended in tears. Or the epic levels of patience required to teach a kid that is a) impatient b) hates being told c) easily frustrated and d) a bundle of emotions in lockdown.

No kidding we tried 2 different bikes, 2 types of stabilisers, we researched different methods, we bribed, we spent our lockdown daily excercise practising, we played good cop, bad cop, we offered rewards. Basically it was a thing. Alfie probably doesn’t realise it was ‘a thing’ to be honest, we tried to keep it breezy (is anything described as breezy, ever actually breezy?! 😂) and supportive – as opposed to psychotically over-invested parents. Hopefully we found that line.

And then suddenly, he just got it.

Now, we go out on family rides with Alfster whizzing ahead and Mark and I honestly look at each other in disbelief that we made it. And I say we, because believe me, it was a group effort haha. Its absolute magic and the tears of joy are real because we get to enjoy something we both love so much with our children.

And because we never have to teach him to ride a bike ever again. 😂

A Few Top Tips.
Kind of.
Mainly just recommending caffeine and alcohol to be honest.