A family day out

Legoland in a pandemic

In July, we took the kids to @legolandwindsor which was due to be Alfie’s 6th Birthday treat back in March… and we had the BEST day.

I was really apprehensive about going (I had freaked out at the village shop the other day, so Legoland seemed like a big bloody step πŸ˜‚) and unsure whether a socially distanced theme park was even physically possible.

I was genuinely really happy with how it was managed and thought it’d be useful for any parents planning a trip to share details of their safety precautions and systems.



βœ… Temperature Checks on arrival for all guests
βœ… Waaaaaaaaaay less people in the park (average queue time was prob 10-15 mins per ride I reckon, massively different to the usual queue times)
βœ… 30-minute cleaning intervals on every ride, common areas and lego figures by ghost buster-style cleaner staff (Heroes πŸ‘)
βœ… Socially distanced queues with constant reminders
βœ… Hand sanitiser absolutely everywhere
βœ… Flow system round the park
βœ… Masks required on any ride with close seats (a roller-coaster for example)
βœ… Reduced catering outlets (we grabbed a burger for lunch and took a packed tea picnic for the car home)
βœ…Staff in full PPE

Not every single ride was open but most were, there were no shows and less characters around BUT it was definitely operational enough for the kids to not even notice. They said it was the”Best Day Ever ” and were good as gold all day ❀️

Rory was an absolute poppet all day too and even coped with a 3 hour return journey when we got stuck in traffic.

Honestly it was the most chilled relaxed experience I’ve had at a theme park. Chilled in relative terms obvs, it was no spa day haha.

OK so it wasn’t quite normal, but I guess it was the “new normal” (How much does everyone just love saying this at the moment btw- almost as much as they loved saying “unprecedented” a few months ago πŸ˜‚) and for us, it was definitely worth it to give the kids a treat, reward their amazing returns to school and celebrate Alfster’s Birthday.

Hope this is helpful!