These are the days
These are the days that people don’t see,
When the line is blurred between you and me.
When I hold you tight, bodies combined,
When it no longer matters if they’re your tears or mine.
When your tiny body radiates heat,
Refusal to drink, refusal to eat
When tiredness burns inside my eyes,
My anxiety prickles, again on the rise.
When the day is long and I mother hard,
Soldiering, protecting, always on guard.
When the nights are longer, lonely too.
When there’s no space for me, or the others, just you.
These are the days when instinct is real,
When I know what you need, I know how you feel.
When I’m here to respond to your every need,
These are the days that don’t make the feed.
But though these days are endlessly tough
You realise that you are more than enough.
You think that you just cannot give any more,
But actually, these days are¬†what you’re made for.