a bit about me

Hiya! I'm Katy...

I’m a Mama to three beautiful blondies (Alfie 6, Evie 3 and baby Rory) and I’m a writer and blogger based in Kent…

I write about all sorts – maternal mental health, body positivity, lifestyle, fashion, supporting local, travel and the day to day realities and humour in parenting. I’m partial to a poem, a blog post, an article, an Instagram story, a video chat – basically, I’m all about the words! I love the community that I’ve built by chatting about my daily parenting journey and I’m so grateful for the daily support and humour from my amazing group of followers.

I also run Mint Rainbow Consulting, a marketing consultancy providing small businesses with bespoke strategic support in PR, Brand and Social Media. I offer one-to-ones, workshops and support packages to a variety of businesses but am particularly passionate about working with Mum-run and Kent-based  businesses.

Basically, I’m pretty normal. I love the beach. And the colour pink. Big fan of coffee. And cake. And working out. And dancing. And peonies. (Would I even be a blogger if I didn’t like peonies?!) And dresses with trainers. And leopard print. And sunshine. And reading. And Schitt’s Creek. And wine.

And the kids. Most of the time. I’d say, at least 70% of the time. Maybe 65%.



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