Tuff Trays were my saviour for the kids in lock down this year.

Here are just a few of our faves for inspiration...

Always a winner...

Magic Potions Tray

What kid doesn't love mixing stuff?!

Items required: Water, Bowls, Spoons, Sprinkles, Pom Poms, Buttons, Pasta, Lentils (OR: anything you can find in the cupboard!)
Top Tip: Sieve when you're tidying up and re-use the sequins etc.
P-p-p-p-p-pick a pom pom...!

Pom Pom Tray

Perfect for fine motor skills and pattern making

Items Required: Tray, Sellotape, Pom Poms of all colours and sizes and tweezer style pickers.

Top Tip: They might need an adult to sit with them to encourage pattern making.

Slippery Sensory Fun...

Water Beads Tray

Sensory water beads are a sure fire winner for my gang and are definitely one of the things that keeps them entertained the longest.

Items Required: Water beads, bowls, ice cube tray, spoons, mixers.

Top Tip: Soak the beads the night before overnight.

Ultimate Mum hack...

Wash the Toys Tray (!)

They think they're playing, you get the toys cleaned. Everyone's a winner!

Items Required: Washing up liquid, warm water, a massive pile of toys and lots of fun cleaning blushes, cloths and sponges.

Top Tip: Do this on a super sunny day so you can just spread all the toys and storage boxes out in the tray afterwards and let them dry.

Sprinkle away with coloured sand play...

Sand & Play Tray

Originally we were going to make sand art. Basically they just mixed it all up but hey ho!

Evie's absolute favourite tray game...

Cup-a-Tea Tray

'Cup-a-tea Mummy?' The kids adore playing with this set up and spend literally hours pottering about with the teabags, sugar and coffee. Just add warm water and you're away!

Items Required: Plastic tea set, warm water, flavoured teas, sugar (Plus coffee and hot choc if you're feeling brave!)

Top Tip: Have a tea bag rubbish pot as part of the set up and encourage them to tidy as they go 😉